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You don’t have to be Scottish to look Scottish!

Highland Redstone offers a vast range of elegant regimental band attire for women and men. Kilts started off as being a symbol of Scottish culture, but they have now been introduced to the World. If you are a cosplayer, someone looking to make a fashion statement, or even a culture enthusiast who loves to explore and indulge themselves in different cultures, then you have definitely come to the right place. Our catalog consists of a limitless collection of Scottish band accessories and clothing, carefully tailored from the finest products. Whether it is tartan, denim, or leather we provide everything required to play the bagpipe, (or at least look the part). Our kilts are hand-pleated to project nothing but perfection. The quality assurance team at Highland Redstone takes their job very seriously and they hardly ever fail when it comes to delivering the finest quality products. Custom items may take longer to be delivered, either way, our seamstresses and tailors make sure to cater to your needs better than your expectations.
Our Mission


At Highland RedStone, we firmly believe in the significance that culture holds in the World. We aim to keep the Scottish tradition alive and thriving not only in spirit but in principle as well. The roots of this tradition date back to the early 16th century and it has been passed on to generations that precede their ancestors. Our Mission is to give everyone a chance to embrace and project their love for our culture in the comfort of their hands.

Product Range

We have a wide range of products made from different materials including tartan, leather, and even denim which makes us unique in our specialties. In our catalog, you will find everything needed to represent Scottish culture. Highland RedStone sells pleated kilts, kilt utility sets, chain straps, kilt belts, plaid accessories, higdon hats, mini kilts, and bagpipes as well.
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