5 Types of Kilt Jackets for Men


If you are a Scotsman or love the Scottish heritage, then perhaps you would choose a kilt jacket for men. Kilt jackets for men are made of a variety of materials, but most of them are cotton twill fabric that comes in various patterns and colors. The question is which kind of kilt jacket will serve your needs best? In this article, I will be walking you through five different types of kilt jackets before recommending my personal favorite one.

At one time, the kilt was a practical garment for men that allowed them to cover their lower body. It has since become a fashion statement and a symbol of freedom and independence. It also makes men look dashing and striking as they march down the boulevards of Paris or strut on stage in front of thousands during New York Fashion Week. But fret not, there are many different kinds of coats you can choose from based on your taste and style.

Prince Charlie Kilt Jacket for Men

The Prince Charlie kilt jacket is a traditional Scottish jacket made from tartan cloth, but it's not just for kilt wearers. This jacket is great for the gentleman who likes to dress up and look good but doesn't want to sacrifice comfort when he does so. The Prince Charlie kilt jacket comes in a variety of colors and styles, including tweed, corduroy, and even velvet.

It's designed with a wide lapel collar that can be worn open or closed depending on your preference. The jacket also features two side slits that give you some extra room when wearing it over a shirt or sweater. The interior lining is made from wool felt material that adds comfort while keeping you warm during the colder months of the year.

An Argyll Kilt Jacket

The Argyll kilt jacket is another traditional type of kilt jacket that was worn during the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion. The Argyll kilt jacket features a long tail with loops for hanging on a string or belt, as well as two large pockets at the front and back of the jacket. It has a high collar, which is usually made out of fur and silk. The collar can be worn up or down depending on your personal preference.

An was popular during the 18th century, and it still continues to be worn today. The jacket has a distinctive plaid design on its front and back, which makes it look more like a vest than a traditional kilt jacket. It comes in different sizes so you can pick one that fits you comfortably.

A Braemar Kilt Jacket

The Braemar kilt jacket is a traditional Scottish kilt jacket with a drape and fits like no other. It's made from wool, which gives it its warm feel and features a double-breasted front with two buttons and two buttons on the cuffs. This style of the jacket comes in many different colors and patterns, but they're all designed to look like a traditional Scottish kilt jacket. They're usually made with 100% wool and are available in sizes ranging from small to extra large.

The Braemar kilt jacket is a classic style of the kilt. It's a single-breasted jacket made with tartan plaid and has a stand-up collar. The jacket has two interior pockets that are ideal for holding your wallet or phone while you're out and about.

The Braemar kilt jacket is available in 3 different sizes — small, medium, and large — so you can choose the one that fits your body best. If you're looking for something more traditional, this style is definitely one to consider!

The Braemar kilt jacket has an adjustable waistband which allows you to get the perfect fit for your body shape and size. This is a very popular style of kilt jacket which can be found in many different colors and patterns.

A SherrifMuir Doublet

A SherrifMuir doublet is made up of two layers of fabric, one with a checkered pattern and another with a smooth pattern. A SherriffMuir is a type of doublet that was popular during the 1500s and early 1600s. This style features an open front, long sleeves, and a high collar. It was worn by members of the Scottish aristocracy as well as officers in the military.

 A sherrifMuir doublet is a style of jacket that originated in Scotland, where it was worn by the sheriffs who governed the country. The design is based on the French military jacket and has since been adopted by men worldwide. Although it's often worn with tights, it can also be worn with leggings or even jeans if you prefer. The SherrifMuir doublet is made from heavy wool felt that is lined with silk. The collar and cuffs are trimmed with silk as well as a satin ribbon around the sleeves. The back panel has a seam down the center for extra durability and comfort, which makes this a great option for long days on your feet!

The SherrifMuir doublet is a traditional Scottish kilt jacket that has become popular recently for its comfortable fit and classic look. It has a straight cut that falls below the waistline, with two rows of buttons on each side of the front panel for closure. The doublet also comes in different colors and patterns, including tartan ones like these ones from Tartan Authority!

A Balmoral Doublet

A balmoral doublet can be used as a replacement for a sherrifMuir doublet when wearing formal attire on special occasions or on Saint Patrick's Day. It also tends to be worn more often by men with Scottish ancestry due to its British origins. A Balmoral doublet is made up of two pieces of material: one with a floral design, called the balmoral plaid, and another with a checkerboard design, called the roll collar plaid. It was designed after Queen Victoria's coronation in 1838 and became popular among men who wanted to look like royalty.

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