Care Instructions


  • Yes, you can machine wash kilts, but it's essential to follow the care instructions specific to the fabric of your kilt. Some kilts may need to be hand washed or dry cleaned, If machine washing is suitable, use a gentle cycle and cold water to help preserve the fabric and avoid shrinking.
  • Keep kilts away from other large items to prevent entanglement.
  • Opt for slow spin cycles or delicate wash settings to preserve the integrity of your kilts.

Drying Guidelines - Avoiding Direct Sunlight : 

  • Minimize direct sun exposure during drying to prevent fading, as sunlight can cause materials and dyes to fade, including kilts.
  • Opt for shaded areas or indoor drying to preserve the color integrity of your kilts and prevent uneven fading among the layers of pleats.
  • Protect your kilts from prolonged exposure to sunlight to maintain their appearance and prevent noticeable fading over time.

Hang dry:

  • Do not use a dryer to dry your kilt, as the heat and tumbling action may lead to shrinkage and cause unwanted wear
  • Hang your kilt on a suitable hanger to maintain its shape and form.
  • Allow your kilt to air dry naturally.

Don’t wash too frequently: 

  • Avoid overwashing your kilt as kilts don't require frequent washing due to their loose fit.
  • Depending on usage, opt for airing your kilt instead of washing it often; hanging it to air out is often enough to keep it fresh for further use.


  • Prefer a steam iron to protect the tartan; heat irons can adversely affect the fabric.
  • If necessary, use a heat iron, but ensure it's set to low heat and place a cloth between the iron and the tartan.
  • Always prioritize protecting the fabric by minimizing direct heat contact during ironing.