1. How can I ensure the best fit for my kilt?
It's essential to measure your waist accurately, as kilts are typically worn higher than trousers. You can consult size charts provided by our products or can watch the attached video for detailed instructions on how to ensure the perfect fit for your kilt.
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2. What should I do if the product I received is damaged?
If your item is damaged, please reach out to us promptly via email at info@highlandredstone.com or fill out our complaint/inquiry form, attaching an image of the damaged item. Depending on the extent of damage, we typically cover reasonable repair costs.
For significant damage, we offer a refund or a replacement, subject to stock availability.


3. What payment methods do you accept?
You can make payments using Cards (Visa debit/credit, Master debit/credit, American Express and Paypal)

4. What is the fabric of Utility Kilt?
Our utility Kilt's fabric is crafted from a blend of 35% cotton and 65% polyester, offering durability, comfort, and easy care.


5. Will your Scottish headwear fit me?
Our Scottish headwear is designed to fit comfortably on most individuals, as it can stretch to accommodate head sizes between 56 to 60 cm in circumference.


6. What is P.V Fabric? (used in crafting kilts)
P.V stands for "PolyViscous" denoting a blend of materials utilized in the crafting of the kilt. Polyviscous fabric is a combination of polyester and viscose, The Polyester component lends durability to the fabric, making it resilient to wear and tear, while the Viscose adds a soft, comfortable feel. Additionally, PolyViscous fabric is known for its ability to maintain its shape well over time, ensuring that the Kilt retains its elegant appearance with regular use and washing.


7. What is Kilts Drop? What does "24 on drop" mean for your kilts?
Kilt's Drop is a measurement method used to determine the length of kilts. Our kilts are generally standardized to 24 on drop, some may vary slightly due to design or specific customer preferences. However, any variations are minimal and aim to accommodate individual needs. We recommend referring to our sizing guide and measuring instructions to ensure the best fit for your kilt. Additionally, our customer service team is available to assist you in selecting the appropriate size.
Reach us at info@highlandredstone.com

8. Do you offer tartans beyond what's listed on your website?
Yes, we have a broad range of tartans available beyond what is listed on our website. We can customize your order in your desired tartan. If you have a specific tartan in mind that you don't see listed, simply let us know by Contacting Us! We offer customization options and can work with you to fulfill your request.

You can explore our extensive tartan collection by visiting the link provided below: